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  • AR-15 Service Rifle Sled
  • AR-15 Match Rifle Sled
  • AR-10 Match Rifle Sled
  • SR/LR308 Match Rifle Sled
  • SR/LR308 Service Rifle Sled
  • 6mm AR Match Rifle Sled
  • AR Bolt Release Extension
  • Plastic Magazine Single Round Insert for Tikka T-3 or Savage Model 25
  • Tikka M595 Sled
  • Accuracy International (AI) .308 Sled NEW!
  • CLE-22 Compass Lake Engineering .22 Rimfire Sled
  • CZ 527 Bolt Gun Sled NEW!
  • FN-FAL Sled-New NEW!
  • Bore Guides

AR-15 OBS Gold Plated AR-15 OBS

The Original Bob Sled was designed by Bob Hahin. Its purpose is to allow the loading and firing of single rounds during competition, at the benchrest, or out varmint shooting. See the AR Sleds section for more details on the OBS and the navigation links on the left for details on our other products.

NOTE: Yes the demo only OBS are made from gold plated Delrin®, no its not photoshoped, it's vacumn deposit plated.

*Delrin is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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