AR Bolt Release Extension

This AR-15 Extended Bolt Release Lever allows right-handed shooters to release the bolt catch without moving the firing hand from the grip. In the case of High Power Rifle Competition, there no more reaching over the top of the rifle and you don’t have to remove the rifle from your shoulder to reload.

AR Bolt Release Extention

Design & Operation

The design is a very simple "piggy-back" of a rugged light-weight Delrin® lever, with a longer bolt catch roll pin (included) as a pivot axle. The lever only contacts the top of the bolt catch, floats on the new roll pin and extends down towards the front of the trigger guard. The lever requires a definite motion to release the bolt (for safety purposes) but can be released with just a press of your trigger finger. Extended bolt release levers are NOT allowed for Service Rifle Competitions, but great for Match rifles/Spaceguns ... especially if you have a side cocking upper!! Rapid fire strings are easier!


Installation is easy and does not require a gunsmith. All you will need is a 3/32nd punch and a little common sense

Step 1: When the extended bolt release lever arrives, it will have a piece of scotch tape attached to hold the pin in place. Leave it there as it will hold things together for you as you install. The new roll pin is flared at the engraving end to retain the lever after installation. Hint: You may want to mask off your lower receiver so that it doesn't get scratched during installation.
Step 2: Take a 3/32 punch and drive the existing bolt release roll pin out of the rifle to the rear and leave the punch in place.
Step 3: Remove the scotch tape and drive the new roll pin (with lever attached) forward, stopping when pin just protrudes from the forward edge of attachment point.

The photo below shows the Bolt Release Lever installed on an AR-15 lower.
AR Bolt Release Extention Installed

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