Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a single round loading device?
A: The OBS is a single round loading device. It is basically a magazine that holds no rounds. Its purpose is to allow the loading and firing a single round at a time.

Q: How do I prevent AR Carrier Hanging up?
A: Check out this informative article on the subject HERE

Q: How do I clean the OBS?
A: Being made of Delrin® (Polyoxymethylene) the OBS is a very durable and is not affected by gun cleaning solvents. You can use a cloth and WD-40 to clean and shine the OBS. Disassembly of the OBS is not recommended as the bolt-lock plunger is lubricated for life with "The Ultimate Weapons Lubricant" MILITEC®-1

Q: Why Delrin®?
A: There were several factors that went into the choice of using Delrin® over hard anodized aluminum. In fact aluminum would have been a cheaper choice, but Delrin® is a superior material for this application. No matter how hard you try to jam the OBS into your gun, it won't harm your gun. Aluminum would gouge wood, and while you need a file to fix dents in aluminum, Delrin® can be scraped with a pocket knife if you damage it. Delrin® is also basically indestructible and will offer the user a lifetime of service.

Q: What are the properties of Delrin®?
A: You can read the articles linked herein if you would like to read more here about the Properties of Delrin® and also read the Delrin® Material Data Sheet for more information.

Q: Are the AR-10 and DPMS SR25 LR308 the same rifle?
A: No, they are different. They are both based on the AR platform rifle, scaled up to handle the .308 cartridge but there are significant differences in how they do this, including proprietary magazines and different models of the OBS. See more info on the differences HERE.

Q: What's a Bore Guide?
A: A bore guide is a cylinder that's inserted in place of the bolt during cleaning. It ensures that as the cleaning rod is pushed down the bore, it is in perfect alignment and doesn't bow or flex keeping it from rubbing excessively on the sides of the chamber or throat, possibly causing wear on the barrel. More barrels are ruined by improper or excessive cleaning than from shooting, a properly fitting bore guide is the first step toward keeping your barrel shooting to its top potential for as long as possible.

Q: Why Do I need a Bore Guide?
A: A well made bore guide will keep any solvent that's on the cleaning patches from getting into the receiver, trigger or bedding of the rifle. It keeps the solvent in the guide and the bore of the rifle where it belongs. Cleaning solvents are very aggressive agents and many of them will do damage to a rifle's bedding if allowed to seep into the receiver. If a rifle's bedding is compromised so is its accuracy. A well made bore guide is a small price to pay.

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