Bore Guides

Bob Hahin has always been a tinkerer and a machinist and few know that before there was the Original Bob Sled, there was the Bob Hahin Bore Guide. He started making guides as a hobby on his lathe for a few of his close friends but word quickly spread. Each of the models you see listed at the bottom of the page were made from customer request. Our Bore guides are sold direct to you. If you need a bore guide made for a firearm you don't see listed we can make those too. Currently all bore guides are only available direct from OBS, please Contact Us for details on how to order.

All the bore guides listed below are hand machined on a lathe to exacting, proven tolerances by Bob himself. They're made out of Delrin® for the maximum solvent resiliency and will last the lifetime of the gun or longer.

Bore Guide List 4/2010

.22 or .17 caliber Bore Guides
  Anschutz M-54/M-64, Achiever, 1517 (.17 cal), 1717 (M-54 Action .17cal)
  CZ-452, CZ-453, CZ-513 - .22 or .17 cal
  Cooper 57
  H&R M-12
  Izhmash CM-2
  NS 522
  Marlin .17, .22, .22mag
  Mossberg M-44, M-144
  Remington 37, 40x, 504
  Remington 541/Kimber 82 (older Kimber), Remington 581,513,510 - (all the same)
  Ruger 77/22, 77/17
  Ruger Mark II .22 pistol
  Suhl 150
  Winchester 52, 75

.30 Caliber Rifles
  Springfield 1903, Winchester Model 70, Ruger 77, Remington 700, Savage M12, Tikka T-3(.695 bolt diameter) - (1 fits all)
  Enfield #4
  30-40 Krag
  Kimber 8400
  Howa 1500
  Schmidt-Rubin K-31
  Mosin Nagant
  Styer SSG

Variable Caliber Bolt Rifles (Specify Caliber)
  RPA Quadlite
  Savage 12FV, 40 Varmiter, Mark 1 CMP
  Sako 6mm PPC

Other Bore Guides
  Schmidt-Rubin 1911
  Tikka .223 or .308

Muzzle Guides
  M1 Garand
  M1A (GI and various Kalifornia-legal)
  Ruger 10/22 - State barrel diameter and if it has front a sight when ordering.

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